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 Chef Elle Moisdon—Biography

Elle was born in Paris France, at the age of 4 her mother died, leaving her father widowed to raise her and three brothers by himself.  Unfortunately, at that time, the government of France deemed widowed/single fathers unfit to raise children on their own.  This caused Elle and her brothers to be sent to an orphanage.

Although, she did not understand why she had been taken away from her father and three brothers, her experience created courage and independence.  All the while, Elle's father, Roger François Moisdon tried to get them out of the orphanage. Then one day a tenacious and Godly nun with child credentials came up to Roger and said "God had put it on her heart to help get your children back".  Elle said, "It was divine intervention!"

At the age of 7, Elle's father being an inventor, decided to move to the land of opportunity - America.  Elle remembers waving good-bye to France boarding the original Queen Elizabeth for the ship's last voyage across the Atlantic.  As they approached the New York harbor, they saw the Statue of Liberty with her torch held high. Elle said, "My dad was telling us the story that France gave the Statue of Liberty as a gift to the US".

The family settled in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida where Elle grew up in a house full of gadgets because of her Papa the inventor. Elle only spoke French, with the exception of "book and yes". She worked hard to learn the English language by studying the dictionary every night.  A little book about French food and wines became her constant companion as well.  As her book collection increased, her interest of fine food and wine became evident. By 16, Elle started working for a health food restaurant learning the benefits it has on the body. At 18 she graduated from Cosmetology college, was licensed and practiced while involved in the hotel, food/wine industry throughout her years in college.

She then moved to Key West Florida, working by day as a hairdresser and by night as the assistant manager of the Pier House restaurant in the Marriott hotel. She also became Miss Key West in 1980.

A move back to Miami brought about a job at Regine's, a private celebrity restaurant.

Elle was inspired by the great chefs there because she loved cooking since she was only 9 years old.

Then in 1984 she drove all across the country to Los Angeles / Santa Monica, California, where she joined 'Woltner wine importers' a French company with great Bordeaux wines.  

Meanwhile, in 1987 she graduated from TWA flight academy becoming a flight attendant

In 1992 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, intrigued with working the wine tasting events, she decided to move to Napa Valley in 1996, where she attended culinary and wine classes while working at first class wineries like Trefethen winery, Opus One and Domaine Carneros. 

In Paris with Bistros on every corner, Elle always wanted her own little place, so in 1998 Elle had a restaurant called Misto in downtown Napa Valley. It had unique flavors and good wines and became very successful.

Elle also helped open the first Bouchon Bistro in the Napa Valley owned by Thomas Keller from The famous French Laundry restaurant. Then in 2001 she became a certified wine sommelier and teacher.

In 2003, Elle was hired as the wine club manager for Mario Andretti’s Winery.

Elle has always loved Texas, so in 2005 she moved to east Dallas in Emory. Discovering a small building off the downtown square, which was first an old gas station, Elle said, "it was so cute so I decided to open a little place called Chateau Bistro starting off as a coffee house then grow into a full operating restaurant. Then in 2008, the Bistro became too small, and with God’s help, she purchases the old historic Amis house across the street restoring it into a bigger Chateau Bistro with cooking and wine classes.

As a Christian, Elle studies chapter-by-chapter, verse-by-verse, with Shepherd's Chapel Ministry. Because of her faith, Elle always says “This is GOD’s restaurant; I just get to work here”.

Elle has graduated with honors at Le Cordon Bleu Institute of Culinary Arts. Her goal was to create a dining experience using unique and Healthy dishes with the casual elegance of indoor/outdoor dining just like in Paris, France.  She enjoys serving people with a warm smile and a welcoming atmosphere.  As for the potential to fulfill her dreams, this city girl with a country heart said four parting words, "I love it here".

NOW SERVING IN ROCKWALL TX and starting a food produce line under CHATEAU BISTRO

For more information call 972-722-1111 or 903-472-1909

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